kids outdoors program



The average North American child spends 7-10 hours each day looking at a screen of some kind, and just 7 minutes a day outside.

Studies show that spending time outside decreases rates of obesity, ADHD, heart disease and depression among children. Unstructured free play in nature helps develop a child’s imagination, cognitive, reasoning and observation skills, motor skills, physical fitness, and social skills. It is also the most common influence on the development of adult conservation values!

Summit Land Conservancy is happy to partner with Holy Cross Ministries and the Park City School District to bring unstructured nature play in Park City’s open spaces to local youth. Understanding stewardship stems from children gaining awareness of the natural world through hands on experience, and that’s what Kids Outdoors aims to provide. These experiences engage children intellectually and emotionally. We want to connect young people to the land and let nature inspire the next generation of conservationists!

If you are interested in getting involved with the Kids Outdoors program, email or click below!